The Terracotta Army

This morning we were up early to grab some dumplings for breakfast before catching a bus to see the Terracotta warriors. The bus took over an hour and the journey was not all that pleasent. I was sat behind the driver with a mop jammed into my leg, and his cigarette smoke wafting into me. […]

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First day in Xi’an

We arrived in Xi’an in the pouring rain. Our guide had not organised any transport from the station so we had to negotiate two tiny minivans to take us to the hotel.  The door on my van would not close, and we set off with me holding it closed until, we finally figured out that […]

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Chinese medicine

Well it had to happen sooner or later, I’ve got my first illness of the trip. My stomach feels a little rough, very acidy. But I’ve picked up a chesty cough with I’m putting down to the wet weather and the temperature swings between outside and air-conditioned buildings. So first thing this morning I’ve found […]

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