A quick note

As you may have gathered, I’m a little behind with the updates. I have now returned home, but there are still a few updates to come. I will then go back through the previous entries and correct the spelling and grammatical errors that will most likely be littering every update. I haven’t actually reviewed anything […]

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The interminable waiting

Forty days until boarding that plane to Gatwick. After booking everything so long ago it is now so close that I can now see the date on the same screen of the calendar. Yet it still feels such a long way away. Each day that passes feels so much longer then the last, time stretching […]

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Techy Toys and Social Media

Warning. This update is all to do with things that normal people will find exceptionally boring. As you may have guessed by now, I’m not that normal 🙂. I do however promise this won’t be a regular occurrence. This is quick rundown of the gear I’ll be taking with me across the States, and the […]

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