Taken for a ride

One of my favourite days of the entire trip was towards the end of my stay in Hoi An. Earlier in the week I had met Mr. Uyen and arranged to hire a motorbike and go out into the countryside, along some of the mountain roads and stop off at a couple of places along […]

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Halong Bay

It is impossible for me to describe my time in Halong Bay as anything but the biggest disappointment of my entire trip. Everything about the day was awful. It started with a coach trip that was supposed to last for three hours, but in fact took 5 hours. This does not include another hour spent […]

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It is Christmas Eve

Hanoi is different. The temperature is much lower here then anywhere else I have been since I left home. It is 15℃ and that is a good 10℃ colder then Hoi An – and Hoi An was colder then most places. I made an error when I left the hotel. It was just turning dark […]

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Hoi An

When I posted my last update, I had just arrived in Hoi An and suffering from a relapse of whatever it was that had plagued me since Cambodia. That was 10 days ago. So what have I been up to since then? Well the answer is simply that I haven’t been up to much at […]

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Sorting my life out

Now I seem to be getting on top of this illness, it’s time to start making use of the time I have here. First clearing out my bag. This basically consists of throwing everything on the bed and deciding if I want to keep it with me, send it home or just bin it. Since […]

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