Finding a new pastime

Summer weather has finally arrived here on the rock. We’ve had some glorious sunshine over the last couple of weeks and it has helped me keep a couple of promises I made to myself last year. The first promise was that following last years summer write-off due to my back problems, that I would try […]

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Lazy Day

One of the niceties of island life is that your never very far from taking a few moments to chill out. It’s a fairly nice nice day out of the wind and to be honest I’m not really feeling the urge to do much. So I’ve taken a diversion on the way to the pool […]

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Closing the Circle

Six flights, one train, two coaches, three boats and one gondola later and I’m sat back where I started – home. It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks with what feels like a little bit of  everything thrown in. I’ve been to three beautiful countries, each of which taught me a little something about keeping […]

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Just Arrived

Many hours and a couple of flights later and I’ve just sat down in the worlds hottest hotel room. In 15 minutes I’m going downstairs to meet the rest of the people on this trip. Apparently there are 20 people, which is a little disappointing as its the high-end of the “6-20” they said they […]

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