Gallery: Cuenca Walled Town

Cuenca’s Old Town is a charming UNESCO Heritage listed medieval fortified city located a couple of hours outside of Madrid. Following a hike through the nearby geological park and a hearty late lunch. I spent the late afternoon strolling through streets and passages that feel untouched from its heyday. Placed high up in the hills, […]

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Street Photography in Madrid

Madrid in the evening is busy with a capital B. I was staying a couple of minutes walk from the Sol area and having arrived at my hotel a 9pm I wanted to get out and take a walk before bed. It’s a major city so I wasn’t expecting deserted streets, but at the same […]

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Cuenca at last light

I’ve just arrived back from Madrid and boy did I cram a lot into a couple of days. One of those days included taking a hike in a geological National Park and walking through the Unesco listed old-town of Cuenca. The rest of my time included two fantastic galleries, El Retiro Park, watching Athletico vs […]

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2017 – Highs and Lows

What a gig. Half concert, half multimedia, laser, video, lightshow…. thing. 100% brilliant Northern Lights in Tromso – 21/9 Less than 20 hours later and I’m sitting outside in freezing temperatures with my camera on a tripod and waiting for nightfall and a possible glimpse of the Northern Lights deep in the Arctic Circle. Eventually […]

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I’m not sure how it took me so long to visit Barcelona. As a city its never been far from my consciousness. The Barcelona Olympics took place at an impressionable age and one which Britons look back on with fondness. The Freddie Mercury song that is now so synonymous with the city that it almost […]

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