Drive to the conditions

Well I’m surprised it took so long for a vehicle that I was in to have an accident, but it was inevitable. We were heading to the airport when the clouds burst. Even though I’ve seen a fair old number of them in this part of the world I was surprised by how intensely the […]

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2012 by some of the numbers

45,000(ish) – Number of miles travelled. 22,456 – Photographs taken 53 – Hotels / Hostels / Homestays / Tents slept in. 20 – Flights 14 – Ferries/Boats 13 – Countries visited 5 – Rainforests /Jungles 4 – Motorbikes Rented 1 – Redundancy Untold – Buses

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The Best of Times

Of course I was going to follow up a summary of the worst things with one about the best things! Best Overall Place Talk about giving yourself a tough one to start with. I’ve been to many amazing places and seen amazing things so this is by no means definitive. 1. Yangshao, China.  29 hours […]

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The Worst of Times

As my time in Asia draws to a close, I’ll start to share some thoughts about the overall experience.  Lets get the crap out of the way first. Worst place I’ve stayed. Travelling alone on a budget means that the accommodation is never going to be the best – although you would be surprised what […]

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