A day in Shenzhen, China

Today turned out to be a very strange days travel. It started normally enough, with a shower before making my way outside with plenty of time for my pickup. But as I got downstairs I was told that my lift had left about 20 minutes before, and I should ring the tour company ASAP. During […]

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Temple Street Market

After my exploration of Hong Kong Island this morning, this evening I finally headed into the city itself. I’d decided to take a tour of the city so that I could orientate myself before heading out by myself. This was going to be done in three parts – by foot around the markets, by open […]

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Mdina and Southern Malta

I don’t know what it is about going holiday, but I always seem to end up getting out of bed even earlier then if I was still at work. That’s why I found myself up at 7am this morning grabbing a quick breakfast before being picked up for a tour of southern malta, and the […]

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Touring Gozo.

It seems to have become a tradition that I have a terrible nights sleep on the first day of a holiday; and this one was no exception. I woke about 6 times during the night, and for the last time at the ungodly hour of 7am. I there open the curtains With the hope of […]

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Returning to London

Oh my what a strange day. I awoke this morning, to find the sun pouring into my room. Looking out the window, I saw not a single trace of fog in the air. It was as if San Francisco had decided on mocking me one last time. I showered, dressed and packed my bags for […]

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Last days in San Francisco

Today started with a lie in. I awoke at 7am and on reflex jumped out of bed and into the bathroom. Only in the midst of brushing my teeth did I realise that for the first time since leaving Washington I had absolutely no reason to be up and about at this hour. I returned […]

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San Francisco – Day 1

As soon as I knew I was doing this trip, San Francisco was the first place that I started looking at for places to visit. There were just so many things about the city that I was looking forward to visiting and find out more about. With this in mind its very hard to write […]

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LA to San Fran

As expected the train journey was fairly boring. The train journey is known as the coast starlight but we only saw the coast for a short amount of time during the journey. Funnily enough the only real stretch of coast that we saw contained the Channel Islands. Not my Channel Islands of course, but those […]

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