Lunch in Genoa

Glenn and I had a brief stop for lunch in Genoa during our road trip through the Alps. Genoa was the first Italian city I’d visited and it made an impression that each subsequent city has reinforced. The drivers are crazy, but the city centre is lovely. My other abiding memory of Genoa was my […]

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Photo of the Week: Rome

Something a little more recent for this week with this shot from February 2018. Rome is a wonderful city and one of those places that is everything that you hoped it would be. I’d been trying to get there for a very long time, but the timing just never seemed to work out. This year […]

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360º Photo Test

I’ve finally found out that there is a workaround to get make VR images display correctly using WordPress. To test this here are a couple of shots from Rome. Amazing light from the roof of the Capitoline Museums. The Arch of Titus and Roman Forums

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West Side Angel

Stood atop the Castel Sant’Angelo, the statue of St. Michael cuts an imposing figure on the skyline of Rome. This is unsurprising given the event it was created to represent “during a prolonged season of the plague, Pope Gregory I heard that the populace, even Christians, had begun revering a pagan idol at the church […]

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The Pantheon

Of all the places that wanted to visit in Rome, the Pantheon was at the top of the list and it did not disappoint. It is a glorious building and somehow the design still feels fresh despite being a little under 2,000 years old. Unfortunately for me when I arrived it was closed for a […]

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Rome at last light I’m very much looking forward to editing and sharing some more photography from Rome. The light in the city is some of the best I’ve seen. Combined with the amazing architecture it made for some potentially great images

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