Borobudur Temple

We awoke far too early this morning. Something that is becoming a recurring theme of the trip. However, for once we weren’t transferring to a train or another bus. This time we were going to see something truly spectacular. There are not many places that I will get out of bed a 4:30am and wear […]

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Green Canyon

We pulled up in a nondescript car park and jumped out of the bus. Across the road we could see glimpses of a river between the cars and scooters. We climbed into boats – long, thin with stablisers on both sides and powered by a free moving engine with a long prop-shaft that served as […]

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One week in Java

I’m going to break from my usual update format for the next couple of posts. I’m going to write a more general update encompassing most of the week, and then a couple of post about specific things. First things first – where the heck am I?  Last time I updated I was about to fly […]

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No time, no Internet

It’s been a busy couple of days and I’ve simply not had the time to write a full update, nor had any net access up until now. I’m currently halfway to Bali and trying to starve off heatstroke by jumping into rivers, canyons, pools and the good old sea. I’ll try and get something out […]

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