The Tale of the Whale.

Herman Melville’s Captain Ahab had legendarily obsession to seek out the white whale Moby-Dick. I’ve had a similar obsession to seek out a whale. Any whale. Whereas Ahab’s obsession was driven by revenge, mine was driven by something much more mundane. Killer, Minke, Humpback, Sperm, Blue… I didn’t mind which I just wanted to find […]

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Iceland Update: I lived.

That was a hell of a day. Per my previous update, the weather was not with us today which made for interesting times and ruined photographs. In short; freezing temperatures, sustained 35mph winds gusting significantly higher and rain, Lots and lots of rain. When your guide is holding a photograph of a massive volcano, pointing […]

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Live from Iceland

Coming at you live from a minibus somewhere in Iceland. The weather has taken a major turn for the worse so it seemed exactly the right time to hike down a narrow skippy ledge to see a waterfall. Memories will have to suffice for this one as impossible to keep the rain off the lens. […]

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Golden Circle 360°

Just got back from an amazing day out. The weather played ball and lit up a spectacular landscape which was hidden from view the last time I visited. I’ve far too many photos to view and edit before uploading anything that does justice (and I want to go get my dinner 😉), but here are […]

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A Whale-come Surprise

Surprise, I’m in Iceland. I’ve been feeling really depressed lately, and generally feeling pretty crappy. So last week decided that I needed a change of scenery and now here I am in Reykjavik. I arrived yesterday morning and was straight out on the hunt for the beat that has eluded me for years (with the […]

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