Dinner Time

I’ve accumulated tons of little 2 second video clips like that this that aren’t long enough to edit into a video but perfect for animated gifs. Not sure why it’s taken me so long to realise that this is the best way to share them

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Hong Kong

I’ve been lucky enough to visit a lot of places around the world. I’ve seen and experienced a lot of amazing things and different cultures.  But only one of those places has made me seriously consider packing up my life and going to live somewhere.  That place is Hong Kong.  It is simply the most […]

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My time in Hong Kong

I spent most of today with Brian and Marie as we looked continued our journey around Hong Kong.  We had intended to go to the Tian Tau Bhudda, but I found out last night that the cable cars were closed for maintenance and so we revised our plans. We first took the metro to the […]

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The end of the beginning

Well, its 20 past midnight and with humidity it is still a nice cool 38c. I’ve just got in from an evening out with Max and Gernot as we went for a couple of cocktails before we go our separate ways. The guys are flying out to New Zealand tomorrow morning, and I have one […]

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