Kayaking: Havlet

The weather has taken on a distinctly autumnal feel over the last couple of weeks. Summer seems to have come to an end rather abruptly. So it was a pleasant surprise to head out on Saturday and find the sun was shining and the wind had dropped. I took the bike out for a quick […]

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Finding a new pastime

Summer weather has finally arrived here on the rock. We’ve had some glorious sunshine over the last couple of weeks and it has helped me keep a couple of promises I made to myself last year. The first promise was that following last years summer write-off due to my back problems, that I would try […]

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Lazy Day

One of the niceties of island life is that your never very far from taking a few moments to chill out. It’s a fairly nice nice day out of the wind and to be honest I’m not really feeling the urge to do much. So I’ve taken a diversion on the way to the pool […]

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Icart by Moonlight

A few years ago when bucket lists were all the rage, I wrote my own. One of the entries resulted in me buying myself the telescope. I”ve had it a couple of years now and in all honesty it hasn’t seen as much use as it should have. The miraculous combination of clear skies at […]

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