Photo of the Week: Würzburg Panorama

It has certainly felt like winter has arrived here in Guernsey with heavy rain, and strong freezing windchill dipping the temperatures below freezing for the first time this season.  Today I’m sharing a slightly more pleasant and traditional winter scene with this panorama of the Würzburg riverside from New Years Eve 2009 taken in the […]

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Germany Trip Conclusions

It’s hard to look back on Germany and see anything but a negative. The trip never really got going for a number of factors. The primary factor being that I became ill. The nature of the illness – vomiting and a chest/throat infection really did kill off any chance of seeing anywhere outside my hotel […]

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Cologne and home

The journey to Cologne was long and torturous, and I spent most of the journey gripping my seat and holding back the urge to vomit. The journey passed with only the blurriest of memories. The snow which is still thick upon the ground gave the countryside a uniform of blandness as we rattled passed empty […]

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On the train

I’m currently doing 125mph on the ICE between Frankfurt and Cologne. Beautiful snow-covered country and picturesque villages are just flying past.

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The bathroom blitz

I think that I can now officially say that I’m ill. New Years Day was spent in my hotel room, sprawled out on the bed reading Marvel comics on my iPad. The day was interspersed with rushing to the bathroom to spit out huge mouth-full’s of coughed up phlegm, or to vomit copious amounts of […]

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Happy New Year

The good news is that I managed to see in midnight and refrained from vomiting during the ball. The bad news is that since getting back to the hotel I’ve thrown up twice! I think good time is still well ahead on points though. I’ll quote from the letter I received just before travelling. “We […]

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