Closing the Circle

Six flights, one train, two coaches, three boats and one gondola later and I’m sat back where I started – home. It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks with what feels like a little bit of  everything thrown in. I’ve been to three beautiful countries, each of which taught me a little something about keeping […]

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Time moves quickly, and so do we

Wow things have progressed at pace over the last few days. Somehow I now find myself in Lithuania when it seems only yesterday we were leaving Tartu for Latvia. The days have been jam-packed and there has been so much to take in. From climbing medieval fortifications up spiral staircases, candle lantern in hand to […]

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Lahemaa National Park

It’s been a long old day today with some considerable milage covered. It’s quite late in the evening now and there is another 7am start, so I don’t quite have time to get all my thoughts out. But in brief, the small part of Lahemaa National Park that we were able to cover today at […]

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Let’s talk food

The one question that I was asked about coming to the Baltic region was how was I going to eat as a diabetic. So far I can say, bloody well and bloody expensively. Yesterday our guide told us that Tallinn would be by far the most expensive part of the trip. “They want so much […]

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Just Arrived

Many hours and a couple of flights later and I’ve just sat down in the worlds hottest hotel room. In 15 minutes I’m going downstairs to meet the rest of the people on this trip. Apparently there are 20 people, which is a little disappointing as its the high-end of the “6-20” they said they […]

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