Day 5 – Lessons in lighting.

I woke this morning feeling very dehydrated. It is amazing just how much having a two beers with a meal instead of just the one can dehydrate you. A litre of water and one breakfast later and I was beginning to feel human again. We then sat down to review the book covers that we […]

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Day 4 – The Book Cover

Lessons this morning consisted of critiquing our shots from the previous days exercise. The shots were quite varied broaching quite an array of subject. My shots were not savaged quite as much as I expected. I submitted three shots. One of some carved animals in a shop window. A man passing through one of the […]

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First days photography in Essaouira

Out and about in Essaouira After a good nights sleep and and enjoyable breakfast; we started our first lesson – the basics. After getting a bit of background about everyones experience with photography, we started right back at the beginning with exposure. One theme that became apparent with the group was that a large selection […]

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Day one: Traveling to Essaouira

Morocco Day one. I’m currently sitting in one of the more beautiful places that I have stayed. Soft music is playing, candles are lit everywhere and the entire place is toned to Arabian Nights perfection. This is my base for the next few days in Essaouira. Just a few feet away is a bustling street. […]

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