Kuranda Photos

I’m afraid that staying in a hotel with zero sound insulation that is between a pub and a nightclub has left me feeling rather shattered and more then a little braindead,  Try as I might, I just seem to stare at a blinking cursor and zone out instead of putting down in words what’s happened […]

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Brisbane Accomodation

I’ve arrived in Brisbane after lots of fun and games with my favourite airline company. My accomodation is pretty damn good as I’ve rented an entire appartment overlooking the river and at the end of the man street of the town. The scary thing is that this place costs less then it cost me to […]

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The Great Barrier Read

Cairns. Cairns is a topical paradise. Or at least that is what I’ve been told. So far it has been nothing but a nightmare. It started at Sydney Airport. I arrived with loads of time before my flight, and oh boy was it needed. The queue for Jetstar stretched far beyond the roped off area. […]

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You know something? I’m sick of planes. I don’t so much mind the journey itself. But I’m weary of the journey to the airport, the interminable waiting for dropping off the bags and proceeding through security.  I’m tired of the airlines attempts to squeeze every last penny they can out of you.  The latest scheme […]

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