On the Canals

I’ve just come back from a couple of hours out on the canals checking out this years Festival of Lights art installations. Happily this year I was again able to book with the guides who took me around the first time I visited. They have an electric boat, take their time and educate you both […]

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West Side Angel

Stood atop the Castel Sant’Angelo, the statue of St. Michael cuts an imposing figure on the skyline of Rome. This is unsurprising given the event it was created to represent “during a prolonged season of the plague, Pope Gregory I heard that the populace, even Christians, had begun revering a pagan idol at the church […]

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Learning Batik

I climbed into the rickshaw and told my driver, Yuno to drop me at the xxx Batik store. “Why’d you wanna go there to buy man? I can take you places closer to buy it.” “I’m not buying, I’m learning to make it.” “you an artist man?” “I can barely hold a pencil!” There is […]

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