Man on a Wire

Of course I did the zipwire. Did you think I was going to miss any opportunity to play with my 360 camera? We did 8 wires in total and this is just one of them. The first video is the VR one, so don’t forget to you can move around the video using your mouse, […]

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A 360º tour of Traki Island Castle

Traki Island Castle is a castle on an island. Sometimes the name tells you all you need to know! Situated on Lake Galve in south-east Lithuania, the construction began in the 14th century by Kęstutis and finished by his son Vytautas the Great. I recommend having a read about this Lithuanian legend particularly if you […]

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Too much detail

I think this VR picture illustrates perfectly just how dull everyone found our local guide in Riga. A woman who quite clearly does not subscribe to the philosophy of ‘less is more’.

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Plokstine Cold War Museum

This morning we left Klaipeda and drove into the pine forest of the Žemaitija National Park. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty filled with quiet sleepy villages , dense forested areas and the occasional cow or sheep. But for forty years. deep in the forest, a few KM up a gravel road, his […]

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Let’s talk food

The one question that I was asked about coming to the Baltic region was how was I going to eat as a diabetic. So far I can say, bloody well and bloody expensively. Yesterday our guide told us that Tallinn would be by far the most expensive part of the trip. “They want so much […]

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