Table Mountain

Table Mountain as seen from The Waterfront

We went down to The Waterfront for our first evening in Cape Town where we had dinner at a restaurant in the shadow of Table Mountain. Our plan was to take the cable car up to the top the following morning.

We got incredibly lucky with the weather. The mountain was crystal clear without any low clouds or even mist obscuring the view. Perhaps after Hermanus the weather felt like it owed us one?

We certainly weren’t the only people heading for the mountain that day. Despite arriving relatively early the queue for the cable car was huge and brought back memories of the Vatican and its queues that wound their way all through St Marks Square.

But the time passed quickly and the view were well worth the wait. We had a busy day ahead so didn’t have time to walk around the entire circumference, but the walk I did do didn’t disappoint.

It was fascinating looking back along the coast and following the route that we’d taken the previous day to get to Cape Town. There is something surreal about standing in a place that only a day before was an indistinct shape in the clouds, but now so incredibly clear.

The next morning we went to Robben Island. Looking back towards Cap Town as we left revealed just how lucky we had been the previous day. Despite being a lovely day in itself, the top of the mountain was obscured by low-level clouds.

I’m sure it still would have been an incredible trip, but the views would not have been as spectacular.

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