Some photos from days 3 and 4 in South Africa.

We left Avoca Guest Farm after breakfast and started to make the three hour trip to Tsitsikamma National Park. Along the way we saw the land change from agricultural, to scrub and then to residential. The first houses we saw were shanty, but these are now outnumbered by government built housing. 

We stopped at a local supermarket to pick up supplies to make lunches for the next couple of days. This was because we were staying in small self-contained log huts, near to the Storm River mouth.

The location was incredible. Right next to the ocean, whilst surrounded by thick forest. Pretty much the kind of place that I have dreamed of staying in. The air was surprisingly cold thanks to a vicious wind that whipped up the surf in the ocean into the broiling mass.

The park had nature walks, and I took one of these that afternoon. I walked along stunning coastline to two suspension bridges. These swayed with eh wind and bounced to the rhythm of other peoples footsteps.

It was here that I said goodbye to a beloved friend as my MotoGP Cap from Silverstone was caught by a gust of wind and went flying out to sea. I watched forlornly as it came back to shore and was beaten against rocks below the bridge and far out of reach.

The next day saw most of the same. Walking the coastline in the morning before eating my picnic lunch. However in the afternoon, I did something a that raised the adrenaline rather more that a walk.

Trying something like zip-lining has never really been an option at my old weight. Getting into a harness and having it fit would have been problematic to say the least. But that was then, and this is now. Which meant that I got kitted up and went down a series of 8 ziplines criss-crossing the Storm River. I Used my 360 camera on the way, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how that comes out on video.

So, different to my first two days, but a lot of fun all the same. 

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