MotoGP Road Trip: Back to the Rock

Home again.

What a difference a day makes. This morning I left the hotel to make the 20 minute trip to the Ferry in Poole. Only now it was cold, and very damp due to thick mist which covered the entire route and most of the journey home.

After the typical Condor check in farce, I boarded with the bike and went up to my seat. The cabin was so warm that I slept most of the way back to Guernsey.

After disembarking I made by way back home being extra cautious the whole time since the temptation after riding in England was to open the throttle a lot more than I can at home.

My final distance for the trip was 318.9 miles. Maybe not a big trip by most standards but a healthy distance for someone that lives on a five mile long island. I was really pleased by how well the bike handled in the UK. I was confident it would be fine, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it. But given that I’d downsized to a lower capacity bike as 99% of my riding doesn’t need any more than what it gives, it was still good to know it is more than capable of the odd trip away.

I’d like to start going further afield again but that means more expense and so the trade off will be less travel in general. I’ve already seen that this year where my Silverstone and Madrid trips have been the limits of my travel. That’s because of the cost of the one trip I have left for the year, which is now a little over 6 weeks away.

With that in mind, I may be able to stretch my money and squeeze in some more travel next year by taking couple of French road trips and camping along on the way. The Le Mans circuit is the next closest MotoGP round geographically when ridden from St Marlo so is the most likely destination and is supposed to be one of the crazier atmospheres. I guess I’ll just have to see what pans out.

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