MotoGP Road Trip: Hey, I’m (Probably) on TV!

The bikes took to the track for first and second practice today. All the riders are buzzing about the new track surface and new lap records have been set during every session. It’s shaping up to be a great series of races.

I watched the first couple of sessions from my race seat at Club before watching the others at Abby and various places around Luffield 1 & 2. The weekend ticket gives roaming access for Friday/Saturday and then a reserved seat on Sunday. At first I was a bit annoyed as I thought it would mean everyone rushing for the best views, but now I quite like it as it let me take in views I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

I’m really pleased with my race view.

I also got to meet Jack Miller today. He was signing autographs between sessions and posing for photos. I was really impressed with how he handled the kids who all looked overawed by the situation. Afterwards I saw a sign which showed he’d been due to finish about 20 minutes earlier, which given the sponsor and media time demands on riders meant he was probably giving up the short time he had to himself in order to continue the meet and greet.

A very popular guy is ol’ Jackass

I’m staying at the Woodlands Campsite and it’s really cool. It’s been getting more and more full as the days have gone one, and now the weekends begun it’s really started to fill up. There are lots of food tents, a shop, loads of showers and toilets and two entertainment stages. One in a Big Top circus tent and one outside. It makes the place feel more like a festival.
Tonight BT Sport did a live show from the site and I was sat right down in the front couple of rows. So wouldn’t be surprised if my mug got on the TV a few times.

The show was a lot of fun, with Sam Lowes, Jake Dixon and John McPhee (the British Moto2 & Moto3 riders) coming down and then doing a push-up competition with Neil Hodgson. Hodgson and Colin Edwards also got roped into a Hot Dog eating completion and then were lauched in the bungie ball fairground ride. I also spotted Colin having a quiet word with a crew member, who then went around giving stickers to the kids at the front saying that Colin wanted them to have them. Another classy move by a rider.

Jack Miller turned up which was a surprise as it was originally going to be Dovi. He continued his good impression from earlier with the way he interacted with the crowd during the breaks etc. Daniello Patrucci also was on stage and he’s another rider who was really good with the fans, laughing and joking about.

They then finished the show off by launching Hodgson and Edwards on one of the fairground rides, much to everyones amusement.

The campsites got a really great atmosphere now which is really adding to the experience. There are DJ’s and bands every night and everyone seems to be having a great time.

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