Photograph(s) of the Week: Random Thailand

My brother is heading to Thailand tomorrow for a couple of weeks. So it seems like a good excuse to share some random shots from my time there.

I can’t say that I didn’t get the opportunity to experience much in Thailand which every day seemingly different from the last. Whether it be the craziness that is Bangkok, snorkelling in crystal clear waters surrounding paradise islands in the south or taking in the magnificent landscapes of the north.

Where else could you spend the morning hiking and boating through inshore crater lakes with floating pontoon villages and that same afternoon battling through the monsoon rains?

Where one day you are queuing for a river taxi in the shadow of magnificent temples and the next volunteering to help with the upkeep of the residents of an Elephant rescue centre?

Thailand is an extraordinary country and I’m so pleased that my brother will get to experience some of these things for himself.

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