Photographs of the Week: Boats of Halong Bay

Kayaking and the water have been dominating my thoughts recently. I’ve been having a blast with mine and so boats felt like a natural subject for this week.

Halong Bay remains the great disappointment in my travel life. When I planned my trip it was to be my last stop in Asia and intended to be the crown jewel taking place on Christmas Day.

Blame Top Gear and the Vietnam special for setting my hopes too high. In that episode the bay is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately for me when I arrived it was heavily fogged over with barely a splash of colour to be found.

The photos presented here are pretty heavily edited by my standards. When I first tried to get something out of them I wasn’t able to do so. But both my knowledge and the tech in software for recovering objects obscured by haze has come on leaps and bounds since then and returning to them today has been much more successful.

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