Photograph of the Week: Farming in Vietnam

Farmers tending the fields

A truly random entry this week as simply opened Lightroom and span the mouse wheel to see where it stopped.

I don’t really remember to much about the background to this, only that my notes say “on bus to Hoi An” which would place this around the central Vietnamese coast.

A quick stop mean an opportunity for photos

From the looks of it, we must have pulled over for a quick toilet stop or for the bus driver to take a break and I grabbed a quick couple of shots of the farmers working the fields.

Rediscovering shots like these in my library always makes me happy. They suddenly transport me back to all those miles spent in busses throughout Asia. Always knowing the eventual destination was but never knowing what would be around the next corner.

A small town, an amazing view, a lake or a river or maybe even a huge drop when up in the mountains!

One of many snapshots taken through a bus or a train window

Many people hate the actual journey part of travel. They want to get where they are going as quickly as possible and so maximise their time there. I can understand that, and there have certainly been times when I’ve felt the same. Usually on long haul flights. But overland journeys are a time of discovery for me, and I love to stick on some music, make myself comfortable, watching the world unfold and occasionally grabbing the odd lucky snapshot through the window.

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