Lunch in Genoa

Glenn and I had a brief stop for lunch in Genoa during our road trip through the Alps.

Genoa was the first Italian city I’d visited and it made an impression that each subsequent city has reinforced. The drivers are crazy, but the city centre is lovely.

My other abiding memory of Genoa was my lunch. We ate at a lovely little cafe sitting outdoors in the shadow of the old city gates. In many ways we were having the quintessential European city eating experience.

I then made it into the quintessential travel experience by completely mistranslating my dinner choice and ending up with something completely unexpected – a cold seafood platter. This had such delicacies as sliced octopus, a raw whitefish that may have been haddock or similar, whole baby squid and some other ‘interesting’ morsels that I couldn’t identify.

Afterwards we took a stroll around the city centre, through a small market and out into a plaza with a beautiful fountain which was abuzz with people relaxing and chatting.

Bailey also took a moment to refresh herself whilst Glenns back was turned.

Later we headed back to the car and continued along the coast before turning north and finding our accommodation for the night.

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