Morning campers

Yesterday I walked 14km. I cycled around the same and had a short swim. According to any doctor I’ve spoken to about insomnia, all that exercise and fresh air should have seen me sleeping like a log.


I’m not actually sure if I’ve sleep at all. If I have it’s been in short burst rather than a refreshing sleep. It’s a strange one as there wasn’t anything really stopping me. I was comfortable, there was no wind or rain impacting the tent and yes, I was very tired.

It’s an annoyance but it doesn’t take the gloss off of a really nice day.

I spent most of the day in the south of the island in ‘little Sark’. Riding down to one of the tea gardens for lunch and then further to the old silver mines and walking the cliffs to the Venus Pool before heading back over the Coupee and taking a walk through the woods to Dixcart Bay.

Finally I bumped into an old workmate and caught up before cooking my dinner and settling in for the night.

Today will be more of the same only this time I’ll be heading north.

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