Photograph of the Week: Population Density in Macau

Casinos, the GP and the most densely populated place on Earth is all I knew about Macau before spending a day there.

My trip to Hong Kong in 2011 is still one of my favourites. I fell in love with the city, took some of my favourite photographs and all had the opportunity to spend a day in Shenzhen and a day in Macau.

As odd as it sounds, population density has always held a strange fascination. When travelling to large cities, each with a population hundreds of thousands times the population of my own home I’m often thinking out how small home is. Going to a large sports event and knowing that every person in the Baliwick attending would still leave large gaps in the stands always leaves me a little taken aback.

Yet at the same time, places and countries can often feel a little ’empty’ once you are out of the high traffic areas. When people learn that I live on an island, they often get a mental image of long beaches and quietly idillic fields and country lanes. We certainly do have those, but what we also have are living areas that look like this:

The surprising thing is that Guernsey is tied for 7th in the rankings of people per mi2 with 2,082mi2.

Macau is by far the 1st with a staggering 52,540mi2.

In context, that is the entire population of the island of Guernsey living in a single square mile!

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