A 360º tour of Traki Island Castle

Traki Island Castle is a castle on an island. Sometimes the name tells you all you need to know!

Situated on Lake Galve in south-east Lithuania, the construction began in the 14th century by Kęstutis and finished by his son Vytautas the Great. I recommend having a read about this Lithuanian legend particularly if you ever plan on seeing the region as he figures prominently in the local history.

This was one visit that I was very grateful for having a decent camera on my iPhone. I’d got my batteries mixed up and ended up with a nearly depleted battery from the previous day in my camera. Of course I only realised this when it died after about 10 shots and I realised that the fully charged spares were in my backpack on a locked bus!

But today I’m going to share something a little different. A tour of the castle in 360º.

Approaching over the bridge and the main gate.

The main courtyard with the Ducal Palace to my right.

Crossing into the Palaces inner yard

Absolutely 100% not a Chapel and despite the presence of thrones, not a throne room either. At least according the our guide. This was more of a meeting or social room, but the castles modern keepers placed the thrones and the pews here as apparently people would stick their head in the door, see an empty room and head straight off! Now it serves as a spot to rest after climbing the stairs and for guides to talk to visitors.

The treasure room filled with a great many eating and drinking instruments. Obviously we have similar ideas about treasure.

Back out to the inner yard, but now seen from above.

Finally back across the bridge and looking back to the castle. The whole area is a beautiful location particularly when the weather is as perfect as when I visited.

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