You may as well call me Dory

I’ve talked about the ‘lifestyle’ changes being diagnosed with diabetes before. It really was a life changing moment and the total kick up the arse that I needed.

In February I entered Diabetes UK’s Swim 22. A fundraising drive to swim the 22 miles equivalent distance of the English Channel between 22nd February and 22nd May.

I completed it on Wednesday.

The challenge took me 32 swimming days and a little over 16.5 hours. Some of those days had multiple swims as I’ll occasionally do a 20 minute intense session with a 10 minute gentler cool down after a stretch instead of my usual 30 minutes straight through.

I was the 204th person to hit the distance, which is something I should be really pleased with. But I was actually a little disappointed as I’d been firmly in the top 130 before needing to ease up the intensity due to shoulder tightness. After last years back problems I was straight to the physio having learnt the lesson about ignoring pain the hard way.

Much more importantly is that at the time of writing friends and co-workers have generously backed my challenge with an amazing £360!

If you like to chip in and donate to a great cause in diabetes research and education you can find my sponsorship page here – Just Giving.

No donation is too small and any would be gratefully received.

As the challenge is still ongoing I guess I need to…

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