360º Photo of the Week: Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

Athletico Madrid’s new stadium is simply incredible. Great views, great sound and the whole experience has been built around the fans.

4 thoughts on “360º Photo of the Week: Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

  1. This is exactly what I’m trying to do, post a 360 degree photo for my clients to look at. Please share with me how you did it. Does wordpress render the 360 photos or did you use a tool/app? I’d really appreciate the help.


    1. If you already have your source image, then its a case of uploading it to your WordPress site as with any other image. Then to display it on a page create your post and add the image as usual.

      Once you’ve done this, change the block from preview to ‘edit as HTML’. Select the url of the image and copy it.

      Next we’ll replace the existing image block HTML. Be sure to replace % with the URL of your own image:

      [vr url=https://%%%%% view=360]

      At the end your HTML should look similar to this.

      [vr url=https://neilblakelycom.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/r0010415.jpeg view=360]

      You’ll likely end up with a blank placeholder or a prompt asking if you want to render as HTML when you switch back to preview. Don’t worry, this seems to happen all the time but it displays fine when publishing.

      An alternative is to publish to a site like https://kuula.co. This will let you upload and do the work for you. Unfortunately, wordpress doesn’t allow embedding so you’d have to link off site.

      If you don’t have a 360 camera or the image yet, there are apps that let you make them with a smartphone. Before I got my camera, I would always use http://360.io. This has a web upload, but again WordPress doesn’t let you embed. However the app lets you export as a jpg which you can then add to your site using the instructions above.

      I hope this helps


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