Photo of the Week: A Young Bald Eagle

Birds of Prey have long been a favourite subject of mine. Let’s face it they are seriously cool. Sleek, fast, strong and gorgeous. With those large menacing eyes, huge talons and a calculating stare that exudes intelligence they are the kings of the sky and they know it.

Being an islander we don’t really do exotic wildlife. At least not of the mammalian variety. Growing up our most dangerous predator was my cat Jess if we were to judge by the number of voles and mice we’d find on the doormat each morning.

But we did have buzzards and kestrels and they can still be found fairly commonly circling the fields in the south of the island.

Todays subject is a young bald eagle taken at a sanctuary in England. The first picture is one of my favourite images I ever taken and is actually the one I use for my phones lock screen!

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