Icart by Moonlight

A few years ago when bucket lists were all the rage, I wrote my own. One of the entries resulted in me buying myself the telescope. I”ve had it a couple of years now and in all honesty it hasn’t seen as much use as it should have.

The miraculous combination of clear skies at night, low winds, bearable temperatures a free night combined with the will to cart all the gear to a place with little light pollution doesn’t come along too often.

But the Saturday before last I spent a few hours out in the cold with a hot thermos, a thick coat and my telescope. I was almost full moon which meant that viewing most objects was a no go due to the lunar brightness but thankfully the Moon is an utterly gorgeous subject to view up close.

The Moon. Taken through my telescope

One area of photography I’ve not tried but am absolutely fascinated by is astrophotography. Some of the images that people have produced using ‘backyard’ telescopes is incredible and so are the techniques they use to acquire them. Both my telescope and astronomy skills are nowhere near good enough to start producing images so I settled on a more traditional approach to shoot some moonlit landscapes of the cliffs around Icart.

Trying to get this bench in focus in darkness was more of a nightmare that you’d think.
Lots of light pollution coming from the airport
The Moon was by far the brightest object in the sky
Wrapped up warmly on a chilly February night

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