Photo of the Week: Remnants of New York

Recently I’ve been playing The Division. It’s not my usual type of game as I don’t tend to play shooters, but I got it in this months Humble Bundle so I’ve given it a go.

It’s set in a post-pandemic New York and as ever it’s always interesting to visit a digital recreation of places that you’ve visited in the flesh. As I was playing, it suddenly struck me that it is now 10 years since I started travelling in earnest with a trip across the USA which begun in New York.

Delving into my archive to look back at photographs from that trip is a miserable experience. This was one of the major casualties of my data loss disaster with only a few images able to be salvaged; alongside some low res snapshots that were posted on the net as I was on the trip.

Pretty much all of them are on this page.

The idea of revisiting New York is starting to cause one of those annoying itches. The kind of that announces itself as a passing thought and ends up in a myriad of open browser tabs filled with flight and hotel comparison sites.

How much has it changed? How much have I changed? Would I get that same feeling of being overwhelmed by how busy, bright and loud it felt; or would be different now I’ve experience of so so many other major world cities?

But one of the main questions in my mind is what would it be like to go back with a decades additional photography experience under my belt? Ten years ago the thought of street photography terrified me and now I look forward to visiting cities so that I can practice it!

Yep, I think I’m coming down with the travel bug again.

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