Photo of the Week: Dubai Skyline

I imagine that this photograph from June 2015 is now hilariously outdated, such is the speed at which construction occurs in Dubai.

My trip to Dubai was an odd one being the only place I’ve ever been where I did not make the decision to go myself. Whilst I was working out in India for a few months part of my visa requirement was that I leave and re-enter the country roughly once a month. My work arranged for me to fly out on the Friday night, spend Saturday there and then fly ‘home’ on Sunday.

I remember three things specifically about Dubai. Heat, thirst and and an overwhelming dread that it doesn’t matter what the average person does, the planet is screwed. Unfair? An argument could be made. But when guides are boasting about importing soil from Brazil to grow grass. How much water they use to maintain it. Literal islands being created in the shape of globes and palm trees and to cap it all the enormous energy requirements to literally try and air-condition a desert.

Maybe things are changing. I really hope it is the case.

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