On the Canals

I’ve just come back from a couple of hours out on the canals checking out this years Festival of Lights art installations.

Happily this year I was again able to book with the guides who took me around the first time I visited. They have an electric boat, take their time and educate you both about the city and the artwork itself.

Last year I was unable to book with them, and booked with another company who promised a small boat. Then they cancelled an hour before and I ended up on one of the massive tourist canal boats which whizzed past everything and since they are all glass encased, horrible for reflections. Truthfully it really soured my trip.

My favourite this year was a pair of Anglepoise styled lamps. Partly because the Anglepoise design is one of my all time favourites (I have one of the classics at home), but because of the perversity of a lamp that illuminates only itself and not its surroundings. I’ve no idea if that was anything the artist intended, but I love it anyway.

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