Photo of the Week: Luxor

Luxor at night

Sometimes the subject for Photograph of the Week picks itself.

This week has been frustrating and culminating in disappointment as I had to miss work and an evening at a comedy gig thanks to the cold weather trigging my asthma. Add onto that a few bad nights sleep leading to general tiredness and you have a recipe for feeling down even though there isn’t anything particularly wrong. 

So onto Luxor. The trip where everything was wrong. 

From the extremely shady arrival, the hotel not even being fully built, the extreme heat sapping every ounce of energy I had and even the trip itself being overshadowed by a last second request that led to me going out to India the following week. This was by some distance the worst travel experience that I’ve had.

Sure there were the occasional bad days, the places that didn’t live up to expectations or the accommodation that was unpleasant. But this one was unpleasant from beginning to end, with only the occasional highlight to distract.

One such distraction was the view from my window. I’d deliberately chosen an ‘out of town’ location as I wanted to escape from what I knew would be a hectic city environment as I was desperate for some peace and quiet when I was not out taking photographs.

Sand and dust cloud the skies as the Valley of the Kings dominates the horizon.

 It didn’t quite work out that way but the vista was magnificent all the same. 

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