Photo of the Week: MotoGP in Valencia

There can only be one choice of location for the latest Photo of the Week – Valencia, Spain from November 2017.

Today sees the last MotoGP meeting of the season, a session that I was lucky enough to see last season. As I write the Moto2 race is running in grey, wet and miserable conditions. Riders are struggling and sliding out all over the place.

My trip could not have been any different. My three days in Valencia had beautiful blue skies, mid-20’s temperatures and was the perfect tonic for the beginnings of a Guernsey winter.

The racing was fantastic, 120,000 bikers and racing fans creating a sea of colour and noise that could somehow be heard above the cacophony that is 22 MotoGP bikes at full throttle.

The insanity that is the junior class

This photo is by no means a ‘good’ photograph but I’ve chosen it for the context. This is the moment that Marc Marquez became World Champion. Celebrating in front of his fan club at his home race.

He’d repeat the trick again this season winning his 5th MotoGP title to add to his Moto2 and Moto3 wins.

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