Photo of the Week: Back to the Start
Col du Tourmalet, 2006

Ah, the Nikon D50. My first DSLR and first non-compact camera. I saved for what felt like forever and started shooting everything I could once I got it.

At first I felt like I could do no wrong with it. I loved the shots that came out. It was fast and simple… and then I took it off fully auto and my quality plummeted and so I started again.

Now I could be found doing odd things like shooting lots of different pictures of fence railing. I’d shoot them straight on to find out how to focus. I’d shoot along the length of them at a different aperture each time as I learnt what depth of field was. I’d learn about shutter speed, about dynamic range and every now and again I’d take a photo that I loved then, and still love now.

This is a shot from atop the Col du Tourmalet in France. A legendary climb on the Tour de France. The scenery is magnificent, but standing in a cloud barely able to see your friends; a cloud that that you’ve watched develop from thin air is incredible and still one of my fondest memories.
The same view 20 minutes later!

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