Photo of the Week: The Road to Recovery
Pembroke Bay

2013 felt like bodyblow after bodyblow. Returning from travelling I found that my hard drive had seized whilst I had been away and destroyed itself. I lost thousands of photographs taken over many years. Later on a trip to Geneva my bag went missing and now camera, lenses and other assorted equipment were gone.

I struggled to find work and depression took hold so firmly that I wondered if this would be how it ended.

Employment was eventually found, a temporary position at a company that was due to last 12 weeks but has now lasted 5 years. But that spark and passion for photography that had been snuffed out did not return until the end of the following year.

Monosnap 2018-10-07 17-25-41
95% of 2013 photos were taken whilst I was still travelling. The years  preceding 2012 show just how much was lost with only small amounts recovered.

This photo from December 2014 was the first that I took with my new camera. A bitterly cold, but beautifully crisp winters day. It had taken a while, but the spark was rekindled.

Another shot from that first day with a new camera.

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