Lahemaa National Park

It’s been a long old day today with some considerable milage covered. It’s quite late in the evening now and there is another 7am start, so I don’t quite have time to get all my thoughts out.

But in brief, the small part of Lahemaa National Park that we were able to cover today at times looked like something out of my fantasies. Wooden cabins, looking out over the Baltic Sea surrounded by woodlands. I could just imagine sitting in by a window in winter, wrapped in a blanket with a steaming cup of coco as the wind rushes through snow-capped trees. The reality would be somewhat different in this harsh environment, but a boy’s allowed to retain a little romance in his soul at times.

We arrived in Tartu early this evening and only have one night here. Having walked the city all of us agree that this is a hidden gem of a place and we would love to send more time here. But more about that later.

Tomorrow we head for Riga which we’ll use a base for the next three nights as we explore the surrounding area. This then marks my last night in Estonia and I leave with the impression of a passionate country that looks to both to celebrate its achievements and prior history since regaining its independence, but also one that that is forward looking and wanting to grow.


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