Let’s talk food

The one question that I was asked about coming to the Baltic region was how was I going to eat as a diabetic. So far I can say, bloody well and bloody expensively.

Yesterday our guide told us that Tallinn would be by far the most expensive part of the trip. “They want so much to be a Nordic country that they copy Finland. Unfortunately they started with the prices not the lifestyle”. I can’t comment on the lifestyle, but she was right about the prices.

You’re paying top Euro, but the food has been amazing.

Last night we all ate at The Pepperjack. A colourful building like many here in the Old Town, and still looking like a medieval tavern on the inside.


Seats were found at tables and menus handed out.

One thing caught my eye immediately.

I’ve had many different kinds of meat before, but here was the chance to try a new one – Elk.

As per usual when I’m in a new country I want to try what there is to offer. I’ve had to modify that somewhat thanks to the diabetes, but if its not loaded with carbs or sugar then I’m still game to try anything and here was an opportunity for my very first meal.

If I hadn’t known what I was getting, I’d have sworn I’d been given normal baby back pork ribs from the size and appearance. However once in the mouth they had a texture similar to a piece of beef from a well made stew, but a taste closer to steak. I don’t have the talent for describing flavours but I do know what good tastes like, and these were excellent.

One last little surprise was thrown out way as we were asked to go downstairs to watch a duel for a maidens affection. Suffice to say the maiden was not impressed.


Following three hours walking around the Old Town this morning and then climbing and walking the City Walls my stomach was rumbling and it was time to find lunch. I’d been told about another recommended place that was quite near last nights restaurant where they do an Elk soup.

I actually found the rear entrance to the Olde Hansa, which was a nondescript door in a wall leading to something with the appearance of a Munich drinking hall. I was directed to head down a small passage and into the main room. This looked like something out of a movie set or as Jim put it on WhatsApp – “… an RPG theme park”.

This time an even more eclectic menu was served.

Food (1 of 1)-2

Frankly if I had the time and the budget I’d have tried everything. As it was I went for the  Game Sausages washed down with mead. Otherwise known as the only non-alcoholic beverage on the menu.

The sausages were again excellent, this time reminiscent of venison. These were accompanied by sweet potato, pickled cranberries, a sauce that I didn’t quite catch the name of, but looked like horseradish, but certainly didn’t have that taste and a turnip and onion marmalade which it turns out I love.

Tomorrow we need to cover around 300km as we head north to a National Park and then all the way south down to Tartu. Hopefully the wilds of the park will lead to some beautiful scenery and some great photos, but I’m almost as excited wondering what the next new taste I get to try will be.


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