Just Arrived

Many hours and a couple of flights later and I’ve just sat down in the worlds hottest hotel room.


In 15 minutes I’m going downstairs to meet the rest of the people on this trip. Apparently there are 20 people, which is a little disappointing as its the high-end of the “6-20” they said they usually take. Why the disappointment? Because it generally means more bodies in the way when you’re trying to get a clean photo! Yeah, I really can be that shallow. Its also because the best trips I’ve done with groups were usually around 10-14 people, whereas the one that I wasn’t fond of was the largest group.

But hey, I’m here now and ready to get out and see what can be seen.

However, all that can wait until a very cold shower!

Edit: it appears I’ve lost some weight since I last wore this.

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