Iceland Update: I lived.

That was a hell of a day.

Per my previous update, the weather was not with us today which made for interesting times and ruined photographs.


In short; freezing temperatures, sustained 35mph winds gusting significantly higher and rain, Lots and lots of rain. When your guide is holding a photograph of a massive volcano, pointing in a direction and telling you that’s where it is yet all you can see is a wall of grey you know its not your day.

But fun was still to be had as Iceland is an amazing country no matter what the weather. Even if the wildlife hides from you. I mean, how’d you lose an entire seal colony?


Anyway, my trousers and shoes are in front of the radiator trying to get as dry as possible for my early morning flight and I have to pack. So next stop Gatwick, then home and lots of editing to do.






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