That was another long day.

The Vatican is obviously a must see, and St Pauls Basilica is one of those places that live up to its reputation in the flesh. Castel D’Angelo is a cool place to go in itself, but the views it provides are incredible once you’ve climbed your way to the top.The plan for tomorrow is that there is no real plan with one exception. I’m going to start my day at the Pantheon and then take it from there.

I did have something planned. I’d bought a ticket for Lazio v Verona which was waiting for me at the hotel when I checked in… However, I found out on Tuesday that they’d moved the match to Monday night. In other words, after I go home. I gave the ticket to the receptionist and said that if he couldn’t use it himself, then give to to family or a friend. Better someone gets use out of it then it going totally to waste but it does leave me with a bit more free time than I was expecting.

But I’m sure I’ll find something to amuse me.

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