Getting the show back on the road

It’s been a pretty static couple of years travel-wise mainly due to time pressure at work, but with the project I was working on completed I’ve moved on to a new role and have spent the last few months settling in. 

From a personal point of view it’s going really well and my new job allows me much more freedom to get back into travel. I’ve undertaken two short trips recently, to Amsterdam just before Christmas and a couple of weeks ago I went back to Geneva to see a mate. 

I don’t have anything big lined up, and I can’t see myself undergoing another multi-month adventure for quite some time; but what I am planning on is using my vacation time in 2017 to take long weekend breaks and catch up on some of the European cities that I’ve yet to see first hand. 

All of which means that as well as rediscovering my love of travel, I’m starting to reconnect with my love of photography and will look to share the results again on this website.  

Flying over Geneva
Shot with iPhone 7 Plus

Leaving Geneva

Bicycles alongside the canal. Amsterdam
Shot with iPhone 7 Plus

Cycles on the Canal

Because I can’t travel all the time, there will of course still be long periods without any updates. I’m hoping that these gaps won’t be overly long because that will mean that I haven’t gone anywhere, but I’ll try to start posting content more regularly sharing the odd photo or video from days gone by to bridge the content droughts. 

Geneva Vespa Dealer
Shot with Fuji X30

A Vespa dealer in Geneva

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