Rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby!

I’d never seen so many sick people in one place as when I went whale watching.
There must have been 40 people on the boat. Of those I’d say that there were about 6 of us that weren’t throwing up all over the place.
Seriously, it was bad. I got absolutely soaked through as I had to stand on the bow with the other non-pukers, only coming inside to wipe down my camera, even when the boat was ploughing through waves and throwing up spray as I couldn’t be inside due to the sights, sounds and smells.
The first person threw up less than 10 minutes in. It started a chain reaction that didn’t end until we got back 5 hours later. The crew handed out sick bags that were like dog mess bags or nappy sacks. There were people staggering around with these half full, the handles wrapped around their ears like a horses feed bag.
At one point the crew announced they’d run out of bags and that people would have to reuse the ones they already had.
That went down well as well as you’d imagine!

When we got back they had to physically support people to get of the boat. I was one of the last off and at the end of the gangplank there were people laying on the ground or on their knees throwing up again. Hordes of tuk-tuk and taxi drivers waiting to collect us were stood around with perplexed looks on their faces.
My own driver came running up radiating concern. “Are you alright, do you need to be sick”.
My response was to ask where I could get some lunch as I’d been up since 4 am and it was now 2pm and I was starving.
He knew a place. It was good.
There was some motion on the boat, but it wasn’t rough at all. A bit of chop when going full speed and a bit of roll when broadside against the waves when trying to see the whale but even a normal Sark crossing would have more movement.

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