All Good Things…

Daybreak in Chennai
Daybreak in Chennai

So my Indian working adventure is over. Three months have flown past and I finished my last day in the office yesterday It has been an interesting experience, I met a lot of new people, learnt a lot of new things and the general consensus is that it’s been an all round successful trip.

I’m sad to have finished work, but I’m also a little pleased that I’m almost at the end of hotel living. 

Almost, but not quite for today marks the start of my own time. 

Tomorrow I fly to Delhi where I’m going to spend the next few days. I’m planning to go out an see the city, but before that I’m going to take a day trip down to Agra and see what everyone that hears you are going to India expects you to see – The Taj Mahal. 

On Wednesday I’m heading to Sri Lanka and I’m going to be there for 10 days much needed rest and relaxation. I’m planning on taking a couple of excursions, but in the main I expect to do a bit of beach walking, a bit of snorkelling and a hell of a lot of reading under a shady tree. It’s pretty much the antithesis of my usual travel experience – I’m even checked into a 4* resort out of the city on the coast rather than a backpackers or hostel but I need the rest and I’m really looking forward to the downtime.

I thought that Sri Lanka was a beautiful country in the couple of days we spent there in May. I’m really looking forward to spending more time there. 

Heading to Charminar
Heading to Charminar

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