I’ve got a lot to write about – Egypt, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Dubai. I’ve also got a few thousand photos to prune and edit and a bit of video too.

Unfortunately, what I also have at the moment is some really painful RSI in my wrist which is preventing me from using a computer outside of work, and is actually a complete nightmare in work as well.

Ever since I had the plate put in my wrist, I’ve used wrists supports with both my mouse and keyboard. Unfortunately I have neither here and it is taking its toll. It is surprising how much difference a little bit of gel can make to your comfort.

I’ll still add little updates here and there, But they’ll just be a couple of lines and maybe an image or two until it is back under control.

In the meantime here are some little mini-planets of Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Dubai, Ankor Wat and Vazon Bay for your amusement.

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