So apparently I live in India Now.

The view from my room.
The view from my room.

This feels odd.

I’ve been in India since early Sunday morning and I’ve not really got to grips with my new surroundings. I’ve not yet fully worked out my daily routine and so I’m finding myself a little more tired then usual due to travel tiredness and a couple of missteps with timekeeping. 

 My new work schedule is to work 20:30 until 05:30. It’s effectively my normal working day at home, only time shifted by 12 hours. That’s the theory, the reality is somewhat different as I’ve not really had the chance to have a ‘normal’ day and of course the time there is a time difference to take into account. I’ve either been sleeping off the effects of travel or waking far too early and leaving myself with a really long day.  I’ve been into the office twice, and I write this at the end of my first full day. It went well, the team are incredibly welcoming, but it is a huge team and it is going to take a little time to first learn everyones name and of course get to know them.

This is where I live now.
This is where I live now.

My life may have taken a turn for the strange, but its also taken on a new dimension of comfort. My hotel is excellent, my room is more like an open plan apartment. Its so much larger than my own home and I have pretty much everything I need. It’s certainly the first time I’ve brought a PlayStation with me on my travels! There are three restaurants which serve some amazing food, a pool and gym and what some would consider a startling amount of security. I’m well aware that I’m not living in the ‘real’ India but I also realise how lucky I am to be afforded the opportunity to do this. 

The only real issue have is with my own mind. It keeps noticing that I’m not at home and so is sending urges that I should be out and about and doing something… anything. Of course the reason I’m here is to do my work and whilst I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as trapped in the hotel, I am realistically limited in what I can do in a given day. So just the same as home really.

Just like home the weekends are a different story and my boss has plans for us to do something that you wouldn’t quite expect for a first weekend in India. We’re not sure if its going to come off yet, so I don’t want to say what the plan is in case we can’t do it; but if we do it should prove…. interesting.

From the sounds of it, the team want to make sure that we see everything and there is nothing better for seeing a country than going out with people that live there, so I’m sure that I’ll be seeing plenty of the area by the time I leave. I’m here a long time and so I just need to start getting into the routine of knowing that this is where I live and work, so not being out and seeing a million things a day is normal and not a bad thing.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not looking forward to getting a little exploration in though!

I’ve not mentioned the heat. The absolutely barmy, soul melting heat. The air temperature is currently 34℃. With humidity, and it is indeed humid its actually 44℃. It is just coming up to 8am. It’s hot enough to make me grateful that I’m working the night shift!

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